1- E.L.E.!!! This also means as you pass another rider, same loop or not, give them a "fuck yeah!", "keep going Rockstar!"

2- Riders MUST have a helmet on whenever on their bike and obey all traffic laws while on the roads, everyone wants you to survive your exhausted stumbles

3- Riders must have a headlight AND a taillight on between sunset and sunrise. This is a CDOT requirement

4- Each rider is allowed to use only one bike and one set of wheels for the entire event. NO E-BIKES! This is a Revenge tradition

5- Trails are not marked or closed to other users. Please respect others on the trails and follow the "right of way" rules. Also short cutting any trails will not be tolerated, PLEASE stay off the tundra and out of private property!

6- Absolutely NO littering. Pack out what you bring in!

7- While it is allowed to have support crews at base camp, all riders are to be riding the loops solo and are solely responsible for the navigating, riding, carrying, dragging, kicking, and throwing of their bikes by themselves

9- You must understand the backcountry routes and the extreme endeavor you are about to take on. There will be NO aid or help available, AT ALL! THIS IS VERY ADVANCED TERRAIN AND NOT A NORMAL BIKE EVENT! TMR is no joke! Again, Think the hardest terrain there is for 24 hours!

Most importantly. HAVE FUN and have YOUR Revenge!