What's the hardest 24hrs with 2 wheels? Revenges have ALWAYS been since 1986!

24 Hour Solo High Alpine Mt. Bike Insanity under the full NEW moon,

210+ miles, 38,000'+, between 9068' - 13,180' above sea level,

11 different Mountains,

Was based at the Old Historic School House in

Montezuma, Colorado!!!


For those that have not heard, TMR's last event was August 7th - 8th 2021. After 13 of the 28 Revenge editions, spanning 35 years, of racing, helping out, or hosting, I have made the decision to dedicate time to family and other adventures life entices. I have absolutely LOVED all my efforts towards helping the spirit live on! I have gotten to know soo many incredible riders and just great peeps, and I hope to see everyone continue to be AWESOME out there in everything life has to offer! I'm sure our trails will cross again.

The Mountains Revenge is also on Facebook

Was hosted By Adam Shaw.

TMR was proudly a part of the Colorado Endurance Series. Please check out the other awesome free epics, hosted by incredible hard working riders just like you, at https://coloradoes.wordpress.com/