In the mid 80's, Rob Ilves and a handful of crazy pioneers to our sport came up with an incredible event.

A bike race under the full moon that couldn't be finished. A challenge so sadistic it was even called the hardest one day Mt. Bike event in the world! The original monster that started all ultra endurance Mt. Bike events! It encompassed trails around Montezuma Colorado, some of which had never even been ridden. It continued under awesome promotion for 20 years with participation from some of the most influential riders in our sport to include National Champions and Hall of Famers! Sadly, after 2006, Montezuma's Revenge had run its course. Leaving many of us searching to fill that void that was burned into our hearts, with other events. But as the years went by, those events had become more and more commercialized. Leaving us unsatisfied after spending hundreds of dollars per event just to ride around in boring circles.

Now has come the time to follow in the footsteps (or tire tracks) of those groundbreaking riders before us.

With TMR, many things remain the same. IT WILL ONCE AGAIN HAVE EVERYONE BASED IN MONTEZUMA! It will be for 24 hours with only a solo male and solo female category. It is designed to be unfinishable. It will still be rain or shine or anything else mother nature has in store. Every year will be a different course layout. It still runs on some of the very same trails as more than 30 years ago! None of them will be marked. Every loop will be different. Most take you to the top of the Continental Divide. All of it is above 9000'. ALL of it has jaw dropping views! It is without a doubt, still the stupidest one day Mt. Bike event in the world. You just ride as far as you physically or mentally dare to ride in 24 hours, and none of us would have it any other way!

A few things are different.

It will be going primal, back to the days of those pioneers. There is no entry fee, no producers, no aids, no volunteers, NO COMMERCIALIZATION. There's no time or weather cut offs (NO ONE gets dropped, PLEASE be responsible though). Every mile counts until you turn around. Due to "no possession of mechanized equipment" rule, there will be no Gray's Peak loop(don't worry, there is consistently more vertical per mile now to make up for it).The only reward will be the simple deranged joy we get from riding something so incredibly hard with others, and maybe some bragging rights to go with. Per U.S. Forest regulation and agreement with the Town of Montezuma, due to space at the really cool Historic Old School House, it will be capped at only 30 riders.

The Mountains Revenge is solely hosted by me, Adam Shaw.

I am NOT a professional producer, promoter, race director, or an organizer of any sorts. I am just another rider that has been racing off and on for over 35 years. I have been a Colorado resident for 2 1/2 decades and consider the trails in this event my backyard and love them very much. I hold the utmost respect to the original organizers and for Rob Ilves, the creator of Montezuma's Revenge, which is the event that TMR is inspired by. I, and many others, really missed Montezuma's Revenge and wanted to enjoy that spirit again. I will make absolutely no money with this. Putting on TMR is an honor and purely a labor of love to give back to the sport I love. I claim no ownership of the event,