Loops are in order for 2019 and gps files are being updated and should be complete soon.
Everyone will meet at the historic school house in Montezuma at 1:00 p.m. for mandatory prestart meeting.

The links next to the loop names will take you to the Strava file for the map. The GPX or TCX link just below will be all the loop files for that format. Do not use Strava's cue sheets (too vague for backcountry). Always be aware where you are on these routes. All waypoints will be on the designated trail. It is still your responsibility to verify your downloaded files BEFORE the event. 

Just a reminder.
EVERY mile counts until you quit and turn around on ANY loop. Not just the last loop completed!

Loops 1 x3 & 2 - Montezuma Respect Loops
     Loop 1 x3: MAP                               
     Loop 2: MAP

Loop 3 - Middle Fork Swan, CO Trail, Red Tail
     Loop 3: MAP

Loop 4 - Argentine Pass & Peak @13,743'
     Loop3: MAP

Loop 5 - Keystone Ranch, Lenawee
     Loop 5: MAP

Loop 6 - Radical Hill, Deer Creek
     Loop 6: MAP

Loop 7 - Deer Creek, Sts. John
     Loop 7: MAP

Loop 8 - Sante Fe Peak @13,180'
     Loop 8: MAP

Loop 9 - Just Joey's
     Loop 9: MAP

Loop 10 - Deer Creek, Radical Hill
     Loop 10: MAP

Loop 11 - Morgan Peak, Warden Gulch
     Loop 11: MAP

Loop 12 - Ya Think Ur An Animal Loop
     Loop 12: MAP

Previous year loop info can be found on the results page.