24 Hour Solo High Alpine Mt. Bike Insanity under the NEW moon for the 1st time, AND IT'S FREE!
Montezuma, Colorado!!!
5th annual returning August 11th @2pm till August 12th @ 2pm, 2018.

Registration now open.

Click on "How to Register" for details.
Limited to 74 Riders!!!!

TMR 2018 has some great news! Tailwind Nutriton has offered their endurance drink mix for all riders to use and try at the event. If you haven't tried this amazing drink from a REALLY cool Colorado company, this is your opportunity in a STUPID REAL test setting. NOTHING I have ever tried in more than 30 years comes close to their ease of mix, ease on stomac, light tasting, and truely the best fuel to keep you going for 24 hours of fun! Now I am stoked to have them at TMR so others can experiance it to! More info can be found at 

There will now be an award for the female AND the male bad asses that break a Revenge record! Break one of the records at top of the results page and get a glass of "Bad Assery"!

First  place female and male will get an event poster for their awesomeness! Everyone else gets bragging rights and beer!

TMR has become a direct vendor for the Colorado Recreation Search and Rescue stickers. EVERYONE that registers AND shows up at the start, will get a FREE 1 year sticker! A small gesture from TMR to its riders that means ALOT.

The Mountains Revenge is also on Facebook

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Hosted By Adam Shaw.

TMR is part of the Colorado Endurance Series. Please check out the other awesome free epics at https://coloradoes.wordpress.com/