24 Hour Solo High Alpine Mt. Bike Odyssey AND IT'S FREE!
The 2015 UNFINISHABLE course estimates, 225.1 miles and 35,741'!
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Limited to 74 Riders!!!!


Excited to announce The Mountains Revenge will continue to be part of the Colorado Endurance Series in 2015!  Be sure to check out the other awesome FREE events all over Colorado.  http://coloradoes.wordpress.com/swes-event-list/the-mountains-revenge/

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Hosted By Adam Shaw.

Tired of spending hundreds to ride in boring circles just to get a pair of socks? Can't find something really hard to ride that doesn't require a week off from life? Did you miss out on trying the "Great" 24 hour events that have disappeared?

This event maybe the challenge of your life you have been looking for!

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