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    24 Hour Solo Mt. Bike Odyssey Under The Full Moon.
     August 9th-10th 2014 at
    2 p.m. on Montezuma Road Colorado, 
    The UNFINISHABLE course estimates.....225.5 miles & 37,376' of vertical !!!!

    Registration Is Now Open!
    Limited to 74 Riders!

     Excited to announce The Mountains Revenge is now part of the Colorado Endurance Series! has very graciously donated the use of Spot GPS trackers for the event. We will have a limited number of these and only have a handful of unregistered spots for them. So if you a thinking of riding hurry up and register to take advantage of this!

    Latest great news! Not only will Dan Montgomery from Last Chance Pizza be riding The Mountains Revenge, but he will be bringing enough pizza to share with everyone! (fresh after 2p.m. on August 10th of course). Show your support for Dan when in Summit County and order some pizza from Last Chance Pizza in Summit Cove, you will not be disappointed!

    Free pizza and beer after riding historic and awe inspiring trails with others. That's what it's all about! 

    A Mt. Bike Odyssey Hosted By Adam Shaw.

    Didn't get into Leadville?

    Don't have the time for the CTR?

    Tired of spending hundreds to ride in boring circles just to get a pair of socks?

    This event maybe the challenge of your life you have been looking for!

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